03 November 2019

New launch of Gifts that Grow catalogue aims to help children living in drought

ChildFund's newly-released gift catalogue aims to provide $230,000 in support for children in Zambia

It may be hard for us to believe, but summer in New Zealand is right around the corner. We are starting to see it everywhere: people in jandals, sunscreen advertisements and, for us at ChildFund, it's time to launch our annual Gifts that Grow catalogue

Gifts that Grow provides our supporters with dozens of unique and meaningful gifts they can give to their loved ones, while helping children in need around the world. This year, Gifts that Grow is focused on a severe drought that is currently impacting the lives of millions of people in Zambia. 

For the past few months, families in Zambia have been struggling due to a lack of rains. This has caused crops to fail, and most families are now suffering with a lack of access to nutritious food. Many farmers have had to sell their livestock in order to get enough money to buy basic essentials for their families, and children have been leaving school to help their parents earn money for food. 

We must do our best to help the children living in Luangwa, Zambia. It's our aim to send $230,000 to ChildFund Zambia to help respond to the immediate needs of children suffering from drought. 

There are five unique items in Gifts that Grow, dedicated to addressing the drought situation: 

1. Give where it's needed most in Zambia

2. Provide children with emergency food

3. Give a green-garden pack

4. Help children by giving food and recovery packs

5. Give life-saving water and seeds

We look forward to seeing the response from our supporters and we know that, through their Kiwi generosity, we will be able to reach thousands of people in Zambia with emergency help. 

Take a look at the Gifts that Grow catalogue:

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