Watch the wonderful video below to see how Kiwis have brought safe, clean water to children in Timor-Leste.

Until recently, the sound of rushing water was something that children living in Memo, an isolated village near Timor Leste’s border with Indonesia, associated with the rainy season and the damaging floods and landslides that often follow.

However, this year, the sound of rushing water came from a new water facility that ChildFund New Zealand has constructed for the village.

During the dry season, families in Memo had to walk several kilometres to the river to collect water for drinking, cleaning and cooking. Now 200 households and 438 students have access to clean water all year round, and toilets have also been constructed at the school. The project was so important to the community that 500 parents turned up to help construct the toilets and establish water connections.

We are really happy to have a new tank. The tank is full of water,” said Maria, a student in Year Six. “Now I can use the toilet. I feel happy because now I don’t have to go outside.”

ChildFund New Zealand has provided over 600 households in Timor Leste with access to clean water over the past year, and provided four primary schools with water facilities and toilets.


This project is supported by the New Zealand Aid Programme.  For more information about ChildFund's work in Timor-Leste, please visit the Timor-Leste country page.

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