In Emali, Kenya, mum Janet’s main source of income to support her family is the making and selling of bricks. However, the distance to the Muoni river, along with the scarcity of water during dry season has been a threat to the sustainability of her income. 

Janet has had to choose between walking several km to fetch water, or pay for 20 litres to keep her business running. Not only this, but walking the long distance to fetch water has either meant leaving her little girl, or carrying her on her back whist fetching water from the river.

Now, thanks to the generosity of our supporters, a brand new water kiosk has opened just 100 metres from Janet’s house. Not only is the water here a fraction of the price that Janet was paying previously, she no longer has to walk long distances to collect water. 

Janet now also has a lot more time to spend with her baby daughter and is making much more money with the water kiosk at her doorstep!

Your donations have funded a large water project in Janet’s community, meaning hundreds of people are able to access clean, safe drinking water as well as having enough to use for their livelihoods. 

Thank you so much for enabling the provision of this vital infrastructure in Emali!

If you'd like to ensure that more children have access to clean, safe water always - why not make a regular donation?

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A New water kiosk in Emali, kenya enables quality time for working mum and baby.

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