05 August 2019

New Ways Of Learning To Reduce Poverty In Vietnam

With your assistance, 348 primary school students in Cao Bang, Vietnam now have a better quality of education (with reading and comprehension), to ensure a better approach to learning.

In the north eastern region of Vietnam lies the province of Cao Bang.

For the past 10 years, ChildFund New Zealand has worked with local communes in Cao Bang to address critical needs in their community. More recently, we’ve been actively involved in programmes in education and, more specifically, the early education of preschool children and their teachers to influence effective learning styles and behaviors.

In order to improve early education in the area, 30 teachers recognized that it was necessary to diversify and modernize their teaching styles in the lessons that they undertook.

For example, the teachers had been using foreign imagery (i.e. different modes of transport to their students) which seemed strange and unusual for students. Incidents like this significantly reduced engagement for students.

Upon completion of the workshop, teachers were encouraged to apply different lesson styles / experiences which were suitable with the topics they were teaching. For example, some teachers were now showcasing science discovery activities outdoors, which created more excitement around interacting with real life experiences, and much more.

In relation to reading comprehension with the child-centered method, 63 teachers were taught to use suitable visual exercises, and to control their time per lesson at the reflection workshop.

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