A new tradition to make your Christmas more sustainable with ChildFund New Zealand.


Whether you back the sustainability of a ‘real’ tree or go for ‘faux’, there is a new way to make sure your chosen Christmas centrepiece is doing right by the world no matter what.

This festive season, ChildFund New Zealand is asking Kiwis to create a new and sustainable Christmas tree tradition by giving the gift of edible trees to a family in need in Zambia.

“Regardless of the type of Christmas tree you choose, this environmentally-sound gift is a great way to share a bit of the joy you experience when putting up your own tree,” 

- ChildFund New Zealand CEO Paul Brown.


“The gift of edible trees is a true Christmas miracle for the families that receive them. The trees are drought resistant, fast growing and bring the promise of nutritious food for generations to come."

“They will help children and their families grow healthy and more promising futures for themselves, free from malnutrition and the cycle of poverty.”

Priced at just $18, ChildFund’s Gifts that Grow ‘miracle trees’ gift includes an avocado tree to provide bounties of energy-dense fruit, and a moringa, a lesser known tree with such superfood prowess it’s often called the ‘miracle tree’.


In addition to the nutrient-rich fruit of the avocado, almost every part of the miraculous moringa tree is edible. The leaves, seeds, flowers and even stems can be consumed in a number of tasty ways and every piece is packed full of high-quality vitamins, amino-acids, anti-oxidants and protein.

“The leaves and flowers can be eaten as salads, the stems cooked like vegetables, or the seeds roasted and eaten like peanuts or used as a spice. Dried leaves and seeds are also used to make a long-lasting powder, which is sprinkled on otherwise nutrient-poor foods to ensure children are getting what their growing bodies need year-round.”


Moringa and avocado trees are already growing well in a ChildFund community in nearby Kenya. The charity is hoping to gift 1700 trees to start a similar initiative in Zambia to benefit children and their families for generations to come.


How 'Gifts that Grow' works

Purchasing a Gift that Grows is a great way to add real meaning to Christmas shopping, whether it’s ‘just because’ or as a gift for a loved one.


“Our commitment to gift-givers is that the items they choose will help children, families and communities grow in health, education and independence. The gifts on offer are focused on building sustainable futures and are what communities themselves have identified as needing most.”


Buyers can rest assured the gift bought is delivered directly to children and their families in the nominated ChildFund project. In the case more money is raised than needed for the chosen gift, the donation will be used for a similar gift that is still needed.

More about the miracle moringa tree

- Moringa oil was once a prized in perfume in ancient Egypt, classical Greece, and the Roman Empire.

- The tree was ‘rediscovered’ in the 1990s and is now among Africa’s most economically and nutritionally valuable crops.

- Almost every part of the nutrient-packed tree can be consumed in a number of tasty ways.

- Moringa contains many essential nutrients such as potassium, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C and iron.

- A long-lasting powder made from dried leaves and seeds is sprinkled on foods to increase the nutritional value of the meal.

- Trees can grow 4.5m in one year. They mature very fast making them ideal for drought conditions.

To order, click here or call 0800 223 111. Purchasers receive a special gift card explaining the gift and how it will benefit the recipient, and also get a ‘gift back’ via a full tax credit.

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