One month on from the April 25 earthquake in Nepal, many thousands of children and families are still homeless. With rain already falling in some areas, the full force of the monsoon season is expected to hit in a week adding to the misery of those affected by causing more landslides and increasing the spread of waterborne diseases.

Thanks to the support of generous Kiwis ChildFund, in coordination with local and international emergency responders, is working to distribute food to four villages in Sindhupalchowk, one of the hardest hit regions.

“Hundreds of people remain homeless in our areas, nearly a month after the first quake hit. Our priority is to provide food and shelter for all those who are vulnerable. This must be done as quickly as possible before the monsoons arrive at the end of the month,” said Mariko Tanaka, ChildFund’s country director in Nepal.

ChildFund is also organising child-centered spaces – safe refuges where children can play and learn until their schools reopen. With some 23 schools damaged in ChildFund’s working areas, these spaces will provide a ‘normalising’ environment for children and allow trained volunteers to monitor child trauma, which may occur as a result of the earthquakes, the ongoing tremors and the loss of homes and loved ones.


Donations can be made here.

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