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18 May 2017

The Heroes at the Front Line of Kenya's Drought

Read how healthcare worker Cecelia and her team are working tirelessly to save young lives in drought stricken Kenya.

17 May 2017

Climate change threatens the world's most vulnerable

16 May 2017

Kiwis help thousands of Sri Lankan kids succeed at school

Read how caring New Zealanders are helping thousands of children in Sri Lanka reach their dreams through access to better education and learning.

12 May 2017

A Kiwi businessman's life-changing trip to Sri Lanka

Read about a Tauranga man's visit to his sponsored child in Sri Lanka after 25 years of supporting ChildFund

05 May 2017

“You can see now…there’s no food, no water. Nothing."

Read Jake Lyell's report from his time in a community ravaged by drought in Kenya.

24 April 2017

A dream come true for Martha and her family

Martha and her sister have more time to study and play now that they don't have to walk several kilometres every day to the river for water.

19 April 2017

Young people in Timor-Leste are beginning successful careers

Thanks to the support of kind Kiwis, young people are able to break into the job market in Timor-Leste

18 April 2017

Better sanitation for families in Cao Bang, Vietnam

Read how Kim, aged 11, is now safe from harm now that she and her family have access to a latrine!

06 April 2017

Emergency roof repair for Chiriwe primary school

Read how, thanks to Kiwis showing their support, Chiriwe primary school in Zambia has received emergency roof repair after a devastating storm.