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A child sponsor’s special excursion to Ethiopia

Learn about ChildFund donor, George Hunter’s special visit to Ethiopia to meet one of his ChildFund sponsored children

3 easy ways we’re going green – and how you can, too!

How ChildFund New Zealand is doing our part for the environment

Children around the world are eager to learn

On a recent visit to Thailand, we challenged children to find New Zealand on the map.

Improved learning for hundreds of students in Luangwa

ChildFund supporters are helping to fund new school classrooms in Zambia

Leading child rights organisations call for a Second Revolution in child rights

Thirty years after global leaders adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child, millions of children lack the rights and protections needed to thrive

Promoting handwashing for children in Kenya

Thanks to ChildFund supporters, we’re working with local governments to help reduce hygiene-related diseases...

Prioritising child health in Luangwa, Zambia

1,549 people now have access to quality healthcare in a clean and safe environment