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05 April 2017

A healthy future for Teddy

Read how a single mum in Emali, Kenya no longer has to worry about her children falling sick now they have access to safe, free healthcare thanks to Kiwi support!

03 April 2017

Chickens and eggs help keep Lashani healthy

Lashani, aged 5, and her family are now keeping a flock of chickens giving them access to nutritious eggs and a source of income - all thanks to your support!

24 March 2017

Mumbi: My sponsor reignited my dream

Mumbi grew up in a mud hut in rural Kenya dreaming of one day becoming an electrical engineer. Now, thanks to her sponsor her dreams are coming true.

21 March 2017

Five Year Old Rose's Message to Kiwis

5 year old Rose lives in Emali, Kenya where nearly half of the children her age are malnourished. This brave little girl dreams of becoming a teacher one day, but crippling hunger is holding her back. Some days she comes to school so weak she can barely stand. Read Rose's letter to Kiwis below:

21 March 2017

Building toilets to improve health in rural Vietnam

In a country like New Zealand, it's difficult to imagine what life would be like without a toilet in our home. But for 2.4 billion people around the world, this is their reality – making it a daily challenge to stay well and keep their children healthy. In the rural north of Vietnam, ChildFund is helping to tackle this issue by raising awareness of good hygiene practices and supporting families to build their own toilets. This is Ti's story.

09 March 2017

ChildFund Alliance responds to drought and famine in East Africa

Millions of people in the Horn of Africa are facing hunger, displacement and loss of livelihoods due to severe drought in the region. In the affected countries – Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan and Uganda – more than half of those impacted are children.

27 February 2017

Children Leading the way in Vietnam

Read how children in Vietnam are developing new skills through attending Child Clubs.

27 February 2017

Small Loans Creating Big Change

Mum Esther is able to run a small business in Emali, Kenya, thanks to support from kind Kiwis.

14 February 2017

A Safer Way to School in Zambia

For children living in Luangwa, Zambia the walk into school was treacherous and long. Now, thanks to the support of Kiwis children can attend a school nearby.