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Giving precious time back to mums and children

For some mums, it’s a daily struggle just trying to provide the basics for their children like water and food. That's why ChildFund, with your support is working with mums like Suseena in Batticaloa.

Hear us roar: voices of children and youth worldwide

To recognise the 30th Anniversary of the UNCRC, we asked sponsored children to share their voices

Heartbreaking reality of childbirth in Timor-Leste

A lack of health information in remote and rural communities in Timor-Leste means many parents are unable to recognise the dangers of childbirth.

Help a child shine bright on their birthday!

Are you a child sponsor? Find out how you can make your sponsored child shine on their birthday!

Helping the youngest children learn in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka

With the help of one of our donors, young children are developing cognitive-learning skills

Helping victims of violence in Papua New Guinea

An update from one of our Pacific community areas

How a young man’s search for a better life led to a decade of exploitation

A major risk for vulnerable children and young people migrating to a new country is being abused or exploited during the journey or in their new jobs.

How ChildFund donors are helping children and communities around the world to tackle COVID-19

Thanks to our monthly donors and sponsors, ChildFund is responding to COVID-19 in 60 countries worldwide.

How COVID-19 is changing the way ChildFund works...

A message from our CEO about the current coronavirus outbreak