17 June 2019

Prioritising child health in Luangwa, Zambia

1,549 people now have access to quality healthcare in a clean and safe environment

When quality healthcare is difficult to access, everyone suffers.

For children and families living in Luangwa, Zambia, being able to see a doctor or visit a health clinic has been challenging. For a number of years, they have suffered from critical health issues due to a lack of proper sanitation, access to medical facilities and health care, clean water, and more.

But, thanks to your support, more than 1,549 people in Luangwa are now better off, following the recent completion of projects focused on improving their access to quality healthcare.

ChildFund New Zealand has been working in the area of Luangwa, Zambia since 2010, and, with your support, we’ve been able to successfully add water infrastructure in the community, including dams, water run-off catchments and turbine pumps to improve irrigation. Additionally, at least 40 farmers are now growing their gardens using water pumped from the river.

The turbines also generate enough electricity to power the local health centre and primary school.

A recent project that our supporters help to fund, included a facelift to the local health centre. Thanks to you, the centre and staff quarters were provided with a new roof, and the windows, doors and floors were all upgraded.

The newly-renovated health facility has contributed to 1,549 people in the area accessing health services in a clean and safe environment. In addition, the health facility provides antenatal, postnatal, environmental health, health promotion and growth monitoring.

Our local partner has also constructed a stand-alone maternity block at the health facility and has provided 205 pieces of maternity equipment. The maternity block consists of the antenatal room, labour ward, postnatal ward, three toilets/showers, store room, and a staff room.

With your support, thousands of locals no longer have to walk long distances (or pay expensive fees) to seek quality medical care.

To learn more about our CEO’s recent visit to Kenya and Zambia, please click here!

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