ChildFund Ambassador Lana Garland begins preparing for her Live Below the Line challenge… in earnest!

Rice is a staple for many

Reality has hit. I’ve been totally absorbed rehearsing and performing a play for the last four weeks. It’s over now and my attention is firmly on the countdown to the start of the challenge.

Yes I know a lot about food, yes I am a very resourceful cook, but trust me this is no walk in the park for me either! I came to the conclusion early on that rice would play a big part of my Live Below the Line menu plan.

Rice accounts for more than a fifth of the total calories consumed by humans worldwide. I have found brown rice for $1.79/kg. I’m going with brown because with the only the outer hull removed and the bran and germ still intact brown rice provides more nutrition than white. More vitamins and minerals, particularly B vitamins, Iron and Magnesium, but most attractively, unlike white rice, there is some fat in brown rice, the oil contained in the bran. Yuss! Every cell in our body needs fat to function correctly and particularly our big old fatty brains!

Protein is what I’m after and with brown rice containing 7.9g of protein per 100g against white rice’s 2g, we have a clear winner! Animal based protein is expensive, so us Kiwis are going to have to look outside our comfort zone. Beans and rice is a great combination, in fact most combinations of a grain and a legume yields a complete protein source – all the amino acids the body needs for essential functions.

Okey dokey…off to do some more research…stay tuned!

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