Thanks to Kiwi donations, communities in Kenya have access to clean water sources again.

Generous Kiwis have helped support the repairs of three water boreholes in Kenya. The boreholes were previously built with the help of grants but were in need of urgent repair to be able to continue working effectively.

A water committee had reported that they were finding the boreholes difficult to use, due to the maintenance that was needed to fix them. So as part of the project, donations helped fund a full assessment of the existing water boreholes - this was to determine how well they could function before any repairs were made.

Extra challenges along the way

An added challenge for this project was the prevailing drought in the area in which the boreholes were drilled. Meaning there was an increase in demand for clean water, for both domestic and livestock use. 

As a result, three existing boreholes were repaired in Kenya, in the Emali, Katune and Entumoto regions. This helped to ensure that the communities impacted by the drought could continue to access clean and safe drinking water.

An added benefit was that the repaired boreholes allowed children to return to school, instead of having to walk long distances with their families to collect water.

Kiwi donations are helping to repair water boreholes in Kenya

Generous kiwi donations are helping to repair water boreholes that were in urgent need of repair in Kenya. 

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