Hello. My name is Rose. I am 5 years old and I live in Emali.

I have many friends at school and at home. My best friend is Mumbua. She is my friend because she is kind and generous. She always shares whatever she has with me. Some food. Her books.

I like reading story books because they take me to lands far away where I can have a different life.

Normally, we eat once a day in the evening. We eat githiri or ugali or kale. Sometimes we are lucky and have black tea in the morning for our breakfast. 

It hurts when I am hungry. I feel weak and dizzy and have headaches. It makes me sad when I stay hungry the whole day and go to sleep hungry.

When I grow up I will be a teacher. Then I can teach other children about good manners and help them learn new things.


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Five Year Old Rose's Message to Kiwis

5 year old Rose lives in Emali, Kenya. This brave little girl dreams of becoming a teacher one day, but crippling hunger is holding her back.

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