By Kiri Carter, ChildFund New Zealand

Yesterday on a clear, crisp Sunday morning ChildFund New Zealand staff members got up early, pulled on their running shoes and headed to Milford on Auckland’s North Shore.
ChildFund New Zealand team before the race!

Eleven staff members from every department had trained and fundraised for six weeks in preparation for entering the 5km/10km race. The photo shows us smiling 15 minutes before the start. This is before we knew what we were letting ourselves in for!

Some of us trained more and some of us trained less…. and who did what is evident by who can walk today. The fact I can barely put one foot in front of the other without saying ‘ouch’ tells you which camp I fall into.

The course had some exceptionally steep hills – even our resident marathon runner and campaigns manager Emily Burgess said it was pretty hard work.

In the 10km run, it was our illustrious leader chief executive Paul Brown who came in with the fastest time of the ChildFund team – 54 minutes, 21 seconds – with Emily hard on his heels.
Emily and Paul - first across the line for ChildFund!
Collectively we raised $8,800 for the special needs school facility in Kapoche School in Luangwa District in Zambia. This will go some way to helping some very amazing children and their families. Find out more about our appeal here.

The race itself was organised by RUN Auckland – a series of 10km races designed to get Aucklanders out and moving. Our little ChildFund team was among 1600 entrants on the day.

Organised races or events are a great way to fundraise – it certainly helps your motivation to finish, let me tell you! And if you use an existing event you don’t have the stress of organising it yourself.

We fundraised through the The t-shirt says it all

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