"Tell them that we are very grateful for providing us with clean water." – Susan, mother


In May of last year, the situation in Luangwa, Zambia was terrible. Every month a child was taken by the crocodiles lying in wait in the nearby river. Mothers and children were sick with worry each time they braved the dangerous waters of the Zambesi River to collect the water they needed to survive.

Thanks to caring Kiwis, two dams, two water run offs and a borehole have been built in Luangwa. Because of their kindness children and families in Luangwa now have access to clean, safe water.

1,500 families are directly benefitting from safe water.

Six-year-old Cynthia is one of the children whose life has been changed thanks to Kiwis. For the first time in her life Cynthia now has access to piped water.

In the past, Cynthia was scared of the crocodiles that lurk in the nearby Zambesi River.

“I used to escort my mother and stay away from the river, I was afraid of being caught by crocodiles.”

These days Cynthia loves collecting water now that it is close by.

“I enjoy collecting water because it is easy and I meet with friends.”

The piped water is protecting children from more than just deadly crocodiles. Cythia’s mother, Susan said:

“The water source is now close to our home as such we always have water in our home, so I have more time to do other important things. We are no longer walking long distances in search of water and it is clean.”

Now that the water source is close by Cynthia has more time to play and learn.

Kiwi support is saving lives from the dangers of crocodiles. Thank you New Zealand!

Unfortunately, children like Cynthia in Luangwa now face a new challenge. A devastating drought has hit the area (the worst in 35 years) and children are in danger of hunger and malnutrition. The safe water that has been provided is helping families to make it through, but without emergency food aid many children may die.

With the support of generous Kiwis, ChildFund is doing everything it can to help children like Cynthia who have been affected by the drought.

Cynthia and her family want to thank Kiwis for all they have done bringing them clean, safe water.

If you would like to help Cynthia and the children of Luangwa, please consider a donation of $23 - this will give a family enough food to survive the next two months.


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