The water situation in Luangwa, Zambia was awful for vulnerable children and their families. Mothers were sick with worry as their children braved the dangerous waters of the Zambezi River to collect water. Every month a child was taken by the crocodiles lying in wait.

Worse still, Bilharzia carried by water snails that thrive in the swamps around Luangwa was infecting innocent children who were collecting water.

Our wonderful supporters couldn’t ignore the danger, and their donations have already been put to work to protect children from these dangers.

In Mwantigora Village a solar powered borehole has been installed and thanks to our supporters, children and families are now accessing clean and safe piped water. In fact, over five hundred villagers are directly benefitting.

Ten-year-old Zaza (right) is just one of the children living in the community. For the first time in her life she has access to piped water.


“Since the borehole was drilled I never go late to school because I do not have to walk long distance to fetch water for bathing. I also enjoy washing plates and pots using water from the borehole”

The care from our sponsors has protected children from more than just deadly crocodiles. Zaza mother, Jaani said:


“This borehole has helped us a lot as we do not walk long distances to draw water from the Luangwa River and cases of crocodile attacks are a thing of the past. My children are always clean as they are able to bath three times a day.

More importantly, diarrheal incidences have reduced since we started drawing water from this borehole.”


“We thank ChildFund New Zealand for this wonderful gift to this village.”

But it doesn’t stop there. In addition to the boreholes, we are building a permanent solution to provide clean, safe water. By collecting rain water, bulk water pumping and creating water dams you have provided continuous water for growing crops even during drought conditions.

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