Sandini now loves to learn!

And she’s no longer embarrassed to read aloud to her class or give a presentation.

"Through the programme and with the help of my teacher Rohini, I learnt to write better and read faster," she says.

“If you don’t know how to read or write it feels like you don’t fit in,” Sandini says. “I felt scared and unsure before but now I feel more confident” 

Sandini’s teacher instructs her and her classmates in new interactive ways which Sandini says helps her to learn.

“It has been easier to understand lessons and if we couldn’t understand we could keep asking until we did” she says.

Her experience in the ATLAS project - Active Teaching and Learning Approaches in Schools - with its active and child-friendly teaching methodologies have not only helped Sandini improve her reading and writing with which she had been struggling for years, but it has also inspired her to think about the future. 

“I want to be a teacher like Rohini one day,” she says.

For a girl who once struggled at school, ATLAS teacher training has changed everything.

Thank you – Sandini not only loves her classes, but actively seeks out her own ways to learn by borrowing books from her school library.

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