In her second blog post ChildFund Ambassador Lana Garland does some research into world hunger and what the term ‘food security’ means.

I have heard the sentiment that there just isn’t enough food to feed all the hungry people in the world. I have always instinctively disagreed, and now after a bit of research I can happily confirm I was right. The World Food Programme* agrees and as the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger they should know!

Have you heard the term ‘Food Security’? I’m not a fan of jargon in general but this is a really effective little phrase I think. After all, it’s not just a matter of filling the belly of the hungry. It’s about whether you can grow your own food, whether you can afford to buy food, whether you have access to market places and whether you are getting a balanced nutritious diet.

Nature's givers, goats provide children and families with healthy food, income and more

If you haven’t already, check out the ChildFund project in Luangwa, Zambia where 200 households headed by women or youth were given goats to increase their access to milk and meat. The droppings are being used as fertiliser for cash crops or kitchen gardens and the kids of those goats are then passed on to other vulnerable households. Genius!

Here’s the link if you’d like to have a little read: Goats empower women in Zambia

Have a wonderful day whanau!


You can also watch a video of how goats funded by Kiwis made a difference here.

* ChildFund New Zealand works in partnership with The World Food Programme in specific project areas.

Please join Lana and Live Below the Line for ChildFund New Zealand or support Lana’s efforts by donating on her page.

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