By Cassandra Chapman, Supporter Development Manager


This morning I got to visit two ChildFund Early Childhood Care andDevelopment (ECCD) centres in Jakarta. What a treat to spend time with the children! It’s moments like these that make my job so great.

The children at the first ECCD were singing us a welcome and drawing pictures. They were all dressed up in special attire for their weekly Arabic lessons (Indonesia’s population is largely Muslim and Arabic is the language that their spiritual text the Koran is written in).

The children were aged 2 to 4 and were sweet and shy. Their volunteer teachers were much less shy and kept asking for photos with us all. It’s great to see these women giving back to their communities and volunteering with the children 3 times per week. Classes run from 8am to 11am three days per week and include drawing, song, learning the Arabic alphabet, and nature walks around their community.

hile small, this ECCD was a meeting point for the community’s children and the parents waiting outside were very grateful that their children are able to receive precious early childhood education.

Next we visited an ECCD centre that is run in a private home in the community. All the children were sitting outside in the front yard (under a shade) and today’s lesson was learning to colour and paste together a carrot. Being the big kid that I am I asked to join in and the children found it quite amusing to have me colouring next to them.

I love spending time with children like these that caring Kiwis are helping from across the globe. It makes all the hard work worthwhile to see a child smile!

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