Seeing is believing and for Mahinda seeing the impact ChildFund is making on the bottom line of children’s lives makes it all worthwhile.

By Mahinda Herath, Chief Financial Officer

Wow… 21 years…

Coming of age for ChildFund New Zealand this June. What a great event for an organisation that has done great deeds in the last 21 years.

As for me I will be completing eight years with ChildFund this coming October. One thing for sure is with ChildFund I can go home every evening thinking another great day in which we have assisted millions of needy children and communities in some manner.

I have also had the good fortune during this period to visit and assist in projects in Kenya and Sri Lanka. The greatest tribute to ChildFund’s work is seeing for oneself the the upliftment of lives of needy children and communities in developing countries and the eternal gratitude of the people.

On this anniversary whilst wishing ChildFund and its staff the best of luck for continuation of their great deeds it may be opportune to delve on our success from the past. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and hence let me relate the rest of the story in pictures.

Kiwi flag flying at the top in Emali office, KenyaHealth centre in Nairobi, Kenya built and run by ChildFundYouth centre run by ChildFund in Nairobi (Mahinda in centre)The surrounding slum area in NairobiECD centre run by ChildFund in Emali, KenyaLovely innocent kids we are proud to helpParents building a new ECD centre in EmaliBorehole water project in Emali, KenyaAnd most of all Kiwis have a brought a smile to their faces, a livelihood to their present and created a future for the children and the communities

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