Having access to a small loan can change everything for families in Emali, Kenya. When mum of two Esther, a budding entrepreneur, borrowed money to start her business, it changed her family’s future. That’s why, with your support, we’ve helped establish 85 voluntary savings and loans groups over the past three years, involving a total of 1,276 members.

Members of each group agree to pool their money and then one by one, apply for – and then pay back – a loan. Each loan includes a small amount of interest, at a rate set by the members, which over time increases the amount available for borrowing. Having repaid the initial loan, Esther borrows money at regular intervals to replenish her stock and pay for other business costs. 

Income from the business allows her to pay rent on her home and provide for her family. Esther says being part of the savings and loan group has literally changed her life! Thank you!

To donate monthly to ensure families in communities like Emali can receive ongoing support, click here.

Small loans creating big change in Kenya

Thanks to the support of kind Kiwis, mums like Esther have access to small loads to start their own businesses!

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