Nagammah has raised six children on her own since 2004, when her husband was abducted during the Sri Lankan civil conflict.  This strong, single mum has lived day to day, doing whatever she can to feed her three boys and three girls, and keep them in school.

Thanks to a loan of just $200 NZD, Nagammah has built a small sewing business that is now thriving.
  Nagammah told ChildFund staff:

In the beginning it was hard even to manage the day to day family expenditures and I did not have any savings.

After I received the loan from ChildFund, I could purchase cloth. Then I started to sell the raw materials and readymade dresses stitched by me.

Luckily ChildFund provided a practical training on sewing. I attended the training and learned the cutting techniques, how to do the saree blouses and frocks.

In the future I have the idea to expand this business in neighbouring villages as well.  Once I repay the loan, I can start up this business extension with a small profit.

Now Nagammah is saving, meeting all her family’s needs, and planning for a bright future for herself and her children. The generous gifts of kind Kiwis have helped bring hope and security to families just like Nagammah’s.

In fact, kind gifts from over 1,700 caring Kiwis have already helped provide loans to over 1,000 families in Batticaloa!


Amazing things are happening in Batticaloa. So far:

  • 1,180 small loans have been given out to mums, youth and vulnerable families
  • Loans have been used to start a wide range of small businesses, including cattle rearing, poultry rearing, running small shops, rice paddy cultivation, home gardening, fishing, rice flour making, chilli powder making, sewing, and carpentry
  • 100% of loan repayments have been met so far by loan recipients
  • 300 additional loans have been given out using funds from loan repayments
  • 88 loan recipients attended a mentoring workshop led by local business women
  • Shoes, school tuition and nutritious food have been provided for vulnerable children using the small interest (0.3%) collected on loans
  • 214 loan recipients participated in cattle rearing training, focusing on identifying common breeds of cattle, selecting good dairy cows, housing and nutrition requirements for cows, and disease management
  • 60 women and men attended fishing net mending training led by a trainer from the Department of Fisheries

In the next 24 months, the generous gifts of ChildFund New Zealand supporters like you will continue to make amazing things possible.

ChildFund staff in Sri Lanka will work with Batticaloa community members to:

  • Continue giving out loans to a further 1,520 families in Batticaloa
  • Continue collecting loan repayments and giving loans to even more mums and youth
  • Provide ongoing business training and mentoring
  • Establish a community microfinance federation that can continue to give out loans after the project ends

If you would like to find out about ongoing work to help children in Sri Lanka, visit the Sri Lanka page. Or, begin changing a child's life and Sponsor a Child in Sri Lanka. Thank you!

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