Kiwi support has helped to bring smiles back to the faces of children in Nepal.

In late April 2015 the mountainous nation of Nepal was hit by a devastating earthquake followed by multiple aftershocks including another major earthquake in May. Close to 9,000 people lost their lives and many more were injured. Nearly 800,000 family homes and buildings were destroyed or severely damaged. Livelihoods and schooling was disrupted.


Many generous New Zealanders responded to Nepal and ChildFund’s call for help; like 11-year-old Isla, who visited our Auckland office to hand over $250 from the cupcakes she baked and sold to support the Nepal earthquake appeal.

Thanks to Kiwi support:


  • 1,805 children attended ChildFund’s 21 Child Centred Spaces. Our staff have been working hard to help children establish routine in their lives and overcome the fear they experienced during the earthquake. They have now been able to return to school in the temporary classrooms you have helped us to build, and are better prepared for the future.
  • ChildFund has built and outfitted 57 temporary learning spaces. More than 5,000 children were given school supply kits with teachers and support staff also receiving supplies. Toilets and drinking water systems have been constructed or repaired.
  • Teachers and community leaders have been trained in reducing risks in emergencies, counselling children and child protection


Recovery work will continue with ChildFund ensuring children’s needs are met. Thank you to all our generous supporters.

If you want to support children in urgent need to provide the basics of life, including in emergencies please consider joining Child Essentials 

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