This morning ChildFund’s Kathy McKay, Emily Burgess and Kiri Carter  were at Southwell School in Hamilton. 

By Kiri Carter 

What a great morning with such amazing children at Southwell School! We were lucky enough to meet the whole school and get to speak individually to some of the Year 5 and 6 children. The school watched the television advert with Scamp and Joseph.  You can watch it below.

As part of our campaign to get kiwis thinking about how well our pets are treated compared with a child living in poverty, Southwell wanted to let people know how lucky we are – even our pets! 
It's not a lot of porridge for a year
The pupils had been gathering up dog food cans for us and sculpted them into an amazing dog bone shape. More than 700 cans were collected – as many cans of dog food the average sized dog eats in a year. We brought along 44 kilos of dry porridge to show the amount that a child living in poverty eats in a year.

We asked Southwell pupils what they thought about the difference between how well Scamp and Joseph are treated and they agreed – it isn’t fair! Ryan (11) said it wasn’t that we should treat dogs unfairly it’s that we should treat human beings much better. 

Some of the pupils at Southwell School were lucky enough (or unlucky enough depending on your point of view) to taste test the white maize meal children living in poverty in Africa often eat. Teacher Elzette Etsebeth’s husband kindly made the maize meal up for us and put it in a traditional African pot. 
Jessica, Ryan and Alex taste maize meal
In ChildFund projects a special porridge is made that is a mix of maize meal and soy flour with sugar and water added. Children will often have a cup of this porridge at school. Sometimes it’s the only meal that a child will get for the whole day. The pupils at Southwell don’t think that’s right, do you? 

They also know what people need to do about it. We’ll let you tell them what they think next week… stay tuned! 

View Scamp and Joseph’s TV ad here

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