Sponsor Services Team member Miles Robertson emailed ChildFund staff today with these wonderful thoughts about our Street Fundraisers and we thought they were worth sharing:

Street Fundraiser Sanjeev with a member of the public.Street Fundraiser Sanjeev with a member of the public.

I stood across the road yesterday and caught a few moments of our Street Fundraisers in action outside Downtown with them unawares, for awhile anyway – Sanjeev is observant and realised I was there fairly soon!

I crossed over and was very grateful for the camaraderie, so grateful for the previous experience that enabled me on on this truly cold morning, with a knifing wind, to shake Sanjeev’s fingerless-mittened hand, have Louis say “it’s been awhile”, and Carine correct me on pronouncing her name; and be accepted by these extraordinary young people, who spend their time standing on a cold street corner, talking to strangers about poverty, fixing it, sign up by sign up (it was early, and they already had one caring sponsor sign up).

Earlier on in my time at ChildFund I worked with Sanjeev and Louis for a while, doing this most difficult of difficult tasks. Carine is excelling at it, as the boys are also.

As we are sitting in our warm, cosy office, I think we should spare a thought for these champions of the disadvantaged, these young warriors in the front-line fight against poverty in the world, because the people they stop may have never thought about sponsoring a child until meeting our dedicated Street Fundraisers.


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