22 April 2019

Staying on the right track in Luangwa, Zambia

An update from our dedicated programme area

As with any journey, the road to self-reliance is filled with unexpected twists and turns. This is particularly evident in communities like Luangwa, Zambia, where daily life continues to present new challenges.

In many places where we work, access to things like quality education or clean water is mostly restricted by distance. However, in Luangwa, there are other obstacles for children and families: Coming face-to-face with elephants in this part of Zambia is common, placing growing crops at risk of trampling, and the Zambezi River, where many families bathe and wash clothing, is home to a variety of crocodiles and large hippos.

For these reasons, local organisations in Luangwa have included some unique goals in their Road Map.

And, they’ve already seen significant progress. A new classroom for pre-schoolers has been built this year, along with a renovated health centre and staff accommodation, and a maternity clinic is nearing completion. Electricity now reaches the school and health centre from a newly-installed solar system. And the elephants? A protective fence now surrounds vegetable gardens to keep crops safe.

Despite the challenges faced in Luangwa, your support is helping the community stay on the track towards self-reliance.


This story was included as part of the 2018 Annual Report issue of Thrive magazine. Click here to read the report.

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