With the help and generosity of many Kiwis, ChildFund has established two pre-schools and the first special education needs school in Luangwa district in Zambia. Thanks to these generous supporters, children who had no chance for education now have the opportunity to go to school.


BEFORE: Children living in the Chikondwelelo community of Luangwa District attended preschool lessons under a tree with little or no protection from scorching heat and driving rains. Classes were often disrupted by bad weather and many children were missing out on pre-school education altogether.

NOW:Pre-schoolers have safe areas to play and learn:

  • Two fully equipped pre-schools with clean water, toilets and solar power
  • Pre-school children have playmates, adult supervision and stimulating activities for healthy development.
  • 20 teachers have received training in pre-school teaching,class management and how to create teaching aids with locally available materials.
  • 38 volunteer committee members have been trained how to effectively run pre-schools in their community.
  • Over the coming months the pre-schools will be equipped with climbing arches, merry-go-rounds, swings and slides to help the children develop essential motor skills and have fun!


BEFORE: There are 345 children with disabilities living in Luangwa District, but there was no school for children with special needs.Those disabled children that did manage to get to school were forced to make do in overcrowded classrooms without specialised teaching or learning materials.Many disabled children did not attend school at all.

NOW:Kapoche Special Education School has been built which includes six classroom blocks, two boarding houses for boys and girls who must travel long distances, a dining hall and kitchen, a shower block and a matron’s house.

  • Children with special needs are being taught in purpose built facilities by teachers who have been trained in special needs education.
  • The school has also been equipped with hearing aids and wheelchairs for those students who need them and Braille machines and paper are on the way.
  • Still to come are two play areas, clean water facilities and solar power.

For more information about making a donation to support an urgently need, please visit our Urgent Appeals page.

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