Moses is an orphan from Emali, Kenya who lives with his grandmother, Grace. His mother passed away when he was only two weeks old from HIV/AIDS complications. Thanks to the generosity of Africa Orphan Rescue supporters, they received a goat, vegetable seeds, and the chance for a secure future. After receiving the goat and seeds, Grace and Moses were interviewed by ChildFund staff in Kenya.

What is day to day life like for your family?

Grace: I get up before 6am to prepare Moses for school. Before he leaves, we take breakfast together. I have a small business selling vegetables. I earn around 1500 shillings per month ($21). I use this money to buy food, pay rent, and buy a school uniform for Moses.

What is the most difficult thing for your family?
Grace: Life is hard. Food and housing, as you can see, is a big problem. Lack of food is the most difficult thing for Moses. We usually eat githeri (a mixture of maize and beans) but Moses prefers rice and chapatti (pastry made from wheat flour) which is expensive.

How has the goat changed your family’s life?
Grace: We appreciate so much being supported with the goat which is able to give milk every day.When the goat gives birth, we will have more milk which is good for nutrition and also selling the offspring will assist in paying for Moses to go to school.

Moses: I love our goat! I spend a lot of time looking after it. I pray it will give birth to two kids and hope we can have more milk from it.

What are your hopes for Moses?
Grace: My dream is that Moses will be educated to the level of becoming a prominent person in the community. I also pray that one day we will have land where Moses can have his own house to live with his family.

What would you like to say to the people in New Zealand?
Grace: I am so thankful to the people who donated the goats and vegetable seeds. I pray that God will give them a long life and continue to bless them.

Moses: I would also like to say thank you very much for our goat! And I wish the people that gave it to us God’s blessing.

Thanks to Africa Orphan Rescue support, families in Emali are now looking forward to better health, clean water, and improved nutrition! Here’s what has been achieved in the last 6 months:


  • 88 dairy goats have been distributed to families affected by HIV/AIDs (1 per family)
  • 240 HIV/AIDS affected families have been provided with vegetable seeds for kitchen gardens
  • 8 HIV/AIDS support groups have been formed
  • Training in goat raising, kitchen gardening and chicken rearing has begun for the support groups
  • 30 community health workers have been identified and training has begun on health and sanitation
  • The site for a borehole has been found and a community water committee has been formed


You can help support orphaned and vulnerable children through Africa Orphan Rescue.  Or help support a child and the Emali community through sponsorship.  Find out more about ChildFund's work in Kenya by visiting the Kenya country page.

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