08 August 2019

Thanks to ChildFund donors, children, youth and adults in Cao Bang now have improved sanitation!

ChildFund Vietnam has now reported that they have built and installed latrines for four schools and many families…

In the last few decades, the Cao Bang region has incurred a number of environmental issues including water and air pollution and a lack of access to proper sanitation, including the practice of open defecation.

Children, youth and adults do not have proper sanitary facilities, and as such, they have not had proper hygienic practices for quite some time.

With the support of ChildFund’s Child Essentials donors, and the assistance from our local partners, four schools in Cao Bang have recently been provided with new latrines, improving the hygiene, health and sanitation for students and teachers in three districts within the Cao Bang Province.

The project also funded construction of the following sanitation facilities

1. In one district, 48 households have been provided with materials to build latrines. 27 of them have finished while 21 others are still under construction.

2. In another area of Cao Bang, 182 latrines have already been commission to build. 136 have been finished and put in use; while 46 latrines are expected to be completed and accepted soon.

The Result:

More children (and their teachers) now have direct access to better sanitation facilities, which not only impacts schools, but the wider community. The health of all parties improves, student attendance increases and it’s easier to place teachers in the areas that have proper sanitation. The local children are also following much better hygienic practices, due to the early age they began.  

It’s all because of the support of our ChildFund donors.  

If you’d like to learn more about the initiatives we’re taking to help children thrive, please click here to find out more!

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