23 March 2018

The Gender-based Violence Hotline Project, Papua New Guinea

ChildFund undertook midterm or end line evaluations of the Gender-based Violence Hotline Project, Papua New Guinea in the 2016/2017 financial year.

Project Title: Gender-based Violence Hotline Project, Papua New Guinea
Duration: 1 July 2014 – 31 October 2019 (mid-line conducted November 2016)
Evaluation: Mid-term evaluation conducted by an internal ChildFund team

After the project set-up phase and with one full year of operation of the hotline complete, it was timely to carry out an internal midterm evaluation of this five-year project for the purpose of assessing progress towards meeting project objectives (outputs and outcomes), and to assess challenges to inform the next three years of implementation by ChildFund.

An internal evaluation team was convened by ChildFund including representatives from ChildFund PNG, ChildFund NZ and ChildFund Australia to consider existing qualitative and quantitative data, and collect new qualitative data for analysis.

The key findings showed that all targets set against the four outputs of the project had been met. While this was positive news for ChildFund, the findings highlighted key parts of the project to be strengthened in the remaining years. A series of recommendations were offered by the evaluation team. These were then accepted by ChildFund PNG and actioned over the following eight months.  

Some of the changes that have already been implemented include:

  • A new voice message for callers who call outside of operating hours, that provides additional information on where they can go for help 
  • A commitment to update the service provider catalogue annually and distribute to service providers
  • The development of training plans for each counsellor to ensure their professional learning needs are being met
  • A revision of the client intake form used by counsellors to record information about callers

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