Smiling at strangers and encouraging them to think about how they can make a difference to a child in poverty is no easy task, but Keri is driven by her passion to help.

With the ChildFund stand

By Keri Sorvig, Direct Dialogue Ambassador

I moved to New Zealand from California last August, with just a plane ticket and no plan on where to go from there. I was fortunate to come across ChildFund, it has been such an amazing part of my time here in New Zealand. I have always been interested in global issues and wanting to help out in some way but never knew how, so ChildFund was a chance to get my feet wet.

I took a trip to Southeast Asia back in 2009 and wow, what an eye opening experience. It was my first time being completely out of my element, where wearing the best clothes or having the fancy car just wasn’t important. I was just content walking around in my damp with sweat clothes and a heavy pack on my back.

There is one moment that pops in my mind when I was in Laos, I was waiting for some friends along this river where we had stopped to check some things out. There was a family of four, who invited me in while I was waiting. They didn’t say much, just all sat around the small table in their little tin shack and started eating, and motioned me to join in.

Though we couldn’t really communicate there were just lots of smiles and hand motions, I was honoured to be in their company. They didn’t have much, yet they were more than happy to share. Just seeing so many kind-hearted people in poverty firsthand, made me really feel for them.

Having the chance to work in ChildFund had been so rewarding, to know I am speaking out for these children and their families and finding sponsors who are so passionate to help. I have learned so much about other countries, and it has also pushed me to want to do more. In the near future I plan to do volunteer work in poor communities and helping in any way I can!

If you feel the same way as Keri, please consider sponsoring a child today.

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