15 April 2019

The latest scoop - April 2019

A few updates you may not have known about ChildFund New Zealand

It’s important for us at ChildFund New Zealand to keep our supporters informed of the exciting and interesting things we have going on. Here are a few updates you might like to know, to stay in the loop.

Get back your hard-earned cash

Did you know… if you’ve made a donation to ChildFund, you might be able to claim a tax credit?

We’re registered with the New Zealand Government’s Department of Internal Affairs (IRD) as a charitable entity (CC10081). This means you can claim back a third of your donations to ChildFund New Zealand from the IRD.

To do so, you'll have to complete form IR526 for the appropriate year.

Click here to download the forms today.

Also, don't hesitate to talk to one of our donor services team members. Call us on 0800 808 822 or email info@childfund.org.nz. We'd love to walk you through it!

Don’t miss any of our regular updates

We love sharing the stories, photos and videos of the children and communities we support around the world. That's why we regularly update our followers on social media.

In a time when nearly everyone has a social media account (and let's be honest, you've probably had one for 10+ years) we must ask, why haven't you connected with us online yet?

Join the ChildFund online community to get real-time updates about our work in the communities you support, and how your support is helping kids to thrive!




Some key dates to watch out for

Every year, we join together with other international organisations to recognise, celebrate and advocate for issues affecting children, families and communities around the world.

Here are a few important dates to jot in your calendar this year:

6 April - World Day for Sport in Development and Peace

7 April - World Health Day

12 June - World Day Against Child Labour

15 July - World Youth Skills Day

11 October - International Day of the Girl Child

20 November - Universal Children’s Day

Children love your letters

Near and far, children in our dedicated programme areas love hearing from New Zealand sponsors! If you're a child sponsor, we give you the chance to send birthday and Christmas cards each year, and we encourage you to write often!

"It's a joy to watch the faces of our sponsored children light up when I ask if their sponsor had written," says Paul Brown, CEO ChildFund New Zealand. "Often, the children will show me years of letters and photos that have been cherished and enjoyed time and time again."

Be sure to send your sponsored child a letter — it really makes them smile! If you want some tips on how to write to your sponsored child, or what to include in your letter, visit childfund.org.nz/letter-writing.

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