20 April 2020

Together with ChildFund we can make a difference

“Just as the old Swahili proverb says if you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together,” says ChildFund New Zealand sponsor Rachel Le Blanc Smith.

It’s hard to beat the feeling you get from seeing first-hand the positive change you are helping to create. This was certainly the case for ChildFund New Zealand sponsor Rachel Le Blanc Smith when she visited her sponsor child Jacintah and the community of Emali in Kenya late last year.

The positive outcomes for both Jacintah and the community that Rachel saw in Emali is all thanks to sponsorship funds. It has given Rachel a new appreciation for the long-term Roadmap model that ChildFund works with communities on to achieve self-sufficiency.

“I understood very quickly that you can’t just enter a country that has so much need for a few months and make a difference,” she says.

“You need to spend a long time meeting the basic needs of the people that enable them to become sustainable and self-sufficient, giving them the tools to change their future.”

ChildFund projects she visited included the Nkusso Early Childhood Development centre greenhouse, the Emali Dedicated Children’s Agency (EDCA) youth resource centre that is under construction and the Oltinka water hole.

“When sponsoring a child the money doesn’t go exclusively to the child as this wouldn’t actually meet the needs of the child.  There is no use in making one child rise in isolation if the rest of the community continues to suffer and need. Jacinta needs water at school and she needs healthcare workers, the money is going to the right places.”

Check out further the difference sponsorship makes in Emali https://www.childfund.org.nz/news-and-stories/promoting-handwashing-for-children-in-kenya



 You too can sponsor a child and empower a community through ChildFund New Zealand here https://www.childfund.org.nz/sponsor-a-child

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