It’s less than 6 weeks until Christmas. Are you prepared for this year’s holiday season and all the shopping, list making, and parking spot searching it involves?

Luckily there’s no reason to start worrying about Christmas just yet, because you can buy amazing gifts for your friends, family and colleagues without leaving your seat.

Have you thought about giving a goat this Christmas?

Imagine receiving a Secret Santa gift from your workmate that’s not your average $10 DVD or mug & hot chocolate set. What if you received a beautiful card letting you know that a mosquito net had been bought in your name and given to a family in need? Not only would you have one less $10 item cluttering your home or your desk, you’d know that because of your gift, a child will be protected from malaria.

There are so many reasons to share good deeds rather than trinkets with friends and loved ones this Christmas. Here are just a few:

  1. No need to circle the parking lot for 20 minutes in search of a space. Buying your gifts from an online catalogue, like Gifts that Grow, means you can buy gifts for friends at home while watching TV, on the bus on your way to work, during your lunch break, or while sitting in bed.

    Goats can provide a family with a source of income

  2. A goat really means a goat. The way our catalogue works is, communities tell us what they need – it could be goats in Zambia or 25 baby chicks for a livelihood programme in Sri Lanka – and we put together a catalogue of gifts based on what families from those communities actually need. Then kind and caring people like you buy a gift. For example, let’s say you buy a goat. The money you donate for the gift is specially coded so that it goes into a pool of money specifically for buying goats. The project area receives the money from our ChildFund offices around the world and uses it to purchase the goats, cover vet fees and provide training to families on how to care for their goats so that they can get the maximum benefit.

    Gardening tools will help a family grow healthy food and feed their family

  3. You can choose the gifts that you (or the person receiving the gift) really care about. Is your co-worker a keen gardener but has every gardening tool known to man? Then buying a Gardening Tool set for a family in need could be the perfect gift! Or, do you have an uncle who’s incredibly practical and impossible to buy presents for? Why not buy him a Small Loan for a struggling family? Once the family is able to repay the loan, it gets passed on to another family – a gift that really does keep giving!
  4. No crowds, no lines, no shoving. Imagine doing all your holiday shopping in your most comfortable chair, with your favourite music on, while drinking your beverage of choice. All you have to do is choose gifts from an online catalogue. Peaceful, easy and no stress.

    Gifts like new shoes bring joy to children like Yonika

  5. Your gifts will change lives. Like 7 year old Yonika from Sri Lanka, who received a pair of her very own shoes from a generous Gifts that Grow shopper last year. Her old jandals were falling apart and too small, and her mum could not afford to buy her new ones. Thanks to a kind Kiwi, Yonika’s feet are now protected as she walks to and from school. The joy that this simple gift has brought is what Christmas is all about.
  6. You’ll receive a beautiful card that you can keep or pass on to friends or family. For every item you buy from the Gifts that Grow catalogue, you will receive a beautiful gift card that you can write a special message in, and give to loved ones to tell them about the difference they’ve made in a child’s life.

Explore the range of lovely, meaningful gifts you can give from ChildFund’s Gifts that Grow catalogue. Or call our friendly team on 0800 223 111 for more information.

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