22 April 2019

Towards independence in Cao Bang, Vietnam

An update from our dedicated programme area

Nothing is more satisfying than checking tasks off your to-do list. Now, imagine those tasks can help take your neighbours one or two steps closer to self-reliance. For the families in Cao Bang, Vietnam, this is the reality, following an in-depth review of the activities still needed to accomplish their Road Map.

For the past 10 years, ChildFund New Zealand has worked with local communes in Cao Bang to address critical needs in their community. All of this hard work has paid off. Fewer children in these communities struggle to access clean water, sanitation facilities, or quality education. Three health clinics have been completely renovated, improving local health care.

Now that the community has built a strong foundation for growth, the focus has shifted to long-term sustainability and local ownership of results.

Local farming families are beginning to see a bright future*. While it still may take several years, ChildFund New Zealand is committed to helping the people in Cao Bang become stronger, more effective, and capable of independantly taking their community to the next level.

As Cao Bang continues to grow, we must never forget all that has been achieved, thanks to our faithful donors. Soon the community will not rely on us, and we are happy to cheer them on as they achieve their goals.

*This project is partially funded by the New Zealand Aid Programme. ChildFund, and our partner communities, value this support hugely.


This story was included as part of the 2018 Annual Report issue of Thrive magazine. Click here to read the report.

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