A photo studio, tofu making business, restaurant and a tailoring business are just some of the ideas young people in Timor-Leste have for new business in their local villages.

With the support of Kiwis like you, a group of school leavers in Timor-Leste recently had the chance to attend a training workshop.

They learnt how to develop their own business plans and the key steps needed to make their dreams a reality, including planning and budgeting.

“With the skills that I now have, I want to help improve my community,” one participant Emilia says.

“Tailoring services are needed so that people will not have to go far in town if they want to fix their clothes.”

Another participant, Carlos, can see a need for a photography and photocopying business in his community. “It will help many students in our village when they have schoolwork that will need photocopying,” he says.

ChildFund will continue mentoring the young people and help them access start-up grants to make their ideas a reality.

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