Many children in Vietnam don't have access to basic human rights like clean water, putting their health and wellbeing in major jeopardy.


In September 2016 ChildFund is hosting a fundraising trek across Northern Vietnam to bring clean safe drinking water to children and families in Cao Bang. With every step you take, you’ll be helping bring clean and safe drinking water to children in Vietnam.


What is a Bio Sand Filter?


Dirty water is poured into the bio sand filter and trickles through layers of natural filters that purify the water. As nasties such as bacteria, viruses and parasites travel through the sand, they absorb into sand particles. The particles collect in the top layers of the sand, forming a biological layer on top of the sand.


So, all the nasties are left behind in the bio sand filter, and clean water is filtered through for families in Vietnam to use.

Let's break it down

You are raising funds for bio sand filters, ensuring families have access to clean, safe water all year round. Each bio sand filter costs roughly $465NZD. The average Vietnamese family has 5 members, meaning that roughly each time you reach a $100 fundraising target, you’re giving one person the incredible gift of clean water! Right now, children have no choice but to drink dirty water. 

The Trek will provide bio sand filters to children like Thia...

Thia lives with her mother, father and grandparents in Bac Kan, Northern Vietnam. This community has already benefited from bio sand filters. Her mother told us "before having the filter, we would often get a stomach ache, diarrhoea and skin diseases". When Thia was a baby, her father received materials to build the family a bio sand filter to provide safe drinking water for his growing daughter. "We installed the filter when I had Thia, so she has clean water to drink, safe food to eat and hardly gets sick."


ChildFund Challenge: Trek Vietnam


You can bring bio sand filters to children in Vietnam by taking on the adventure of a lifetime and doing Trek Vietnam in 2016! Every step you take will help bring clean and safe drinking water to children and their families in the district of Cao Bang. 


Trek through beautiful countryside by day, into seemingly endless bamboo forest, and along mountain paths high above the valley floor. By night, stay in small mountain villages, experiencing the traditional hospitality.


But hurry as places are limited, so join today to challenge yourself and change lives!

For more information on this adventure of a lifetime, visit the Inspired Adventures website to Trek Vietnam, or call Sharni on 09 280 3339.


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