Photo: Our trekkers and children thank their supporters!

Not only did our wonderful supporters trek 50km through challenging mountainous terrain, they also raised more than $55,000 to fund the installation of bio-sand filters for poor rural families living in Cao Bang, a province of Vietnam.

The small group adventure took place in early September and took our adventurers through remote mountain countryside and small mountain villages.

The highlight for all was meeting the families whose lives they will change. Seeing the dirty water that some families have to drink made most recoil in disgust.

“They also walk down to the water source with these massive buckets, then back up to their homes 2km away, and the water isn’t even clean.” - Danika

But they also visited homes where bio-sand filters are in use and heard what a difference fresh water makes to the health of the children. They also witnessed bio-sand filters being made and saw the team work required.

“It was really good to see the work they are actually doing over there because it is hard to imagine from here." - Naarah 

Our team wrapped up their 10-day challenge by accepting an invitation to meet the New Zealand Ambassador to Vietnam H.E. Haike Manning who was interested to hear of their experiences.

We can't thank our intrepid team of adventurers enough - THANK YOU!

If you would like to do a challenge or event to raise funds for children in need through ChildFund, then please do get in touch and contact us!

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