By Kiri Carter

Last year I asked our ChildFund staff in some of the countries we work how Valentine’s Day was celebrated in their countries. There were some interesting variations, but they were also very similar.

This year I looked a little further afield and found that in some countries in northern Europe and the Americas, Valentine’s Day is not just about romantic love, but also about friendship. In Mexico, it is known as El Día del Amor y la Amistad, the “day of love and friendship.” People show their appreciation to their friends through acts of kindness and little gifts.
Best Friends Forever!Best Friends Forever!
Reaching out to friends especially ones you haven’t seen or heard from in a while is a great idea. You can even reach out and find new friends… sponsoring a child is one sure way of making a new and wonderful friend. Someone who will treasure your friendship and know that you care about them. It’s a powerful thing to know that someone really does care about you – especially someone who is so far away. It makes a huge difference to a child living in poverty.

That really is what Valentine’s Day is about – whether you celebrate it romantically with a special loved one or celebrate it with a friend – it’s about letting someone you know how much you care, how much you appreciate them, how much they mean to you – and showing them through your actions.

Make a BFF this Valentine’s Day and sponsor a child!

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