19 September 2019

Video: A new start - Tui’s Story

How ChildFund’s Building Blocks programme is changing lives in the Pacific nation of Kiribati

Growing up isn’t easy, especially for those who have dropped out of school at an early age. In Kiribati, an island nation in the Pacific, more than half of young people drop out before completing secondary school. Young people like Tuimata (Tui).

Tui, 20, lives in Betio, a city in Tarawa, one of Kiribati’s many islands. When she was only 10 years old, Tui chose to drop out of school. “When I left school, I joined my friends and village members in drinking alcohol, kava, and smoking,” Tui explained in the video below. “I spent 9 years doing this.”

In 2018, ChildFund started the Building Blocks programme in Betio, and Tui decided to enrol. Building Blocks provides young people in Kiribati with essential life skills for their future.

“I am really thankful to my teacher, as I’m more confident and can write and read in the Kiribati (language),” says Tui.

Watch the video, below, to meet Tui and hear her story. 

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