29 August 2019

Video: Bye bye, Ruthie! Happy retirement!

ChildFund Zambia wishes our colleague Ruth 'all the best' on her new journey.

For more than a decade, Ruth Coffey has been a key member of the ChildFund New Zealand whānau — laughing, crying and helping resolve issues for thousands of our dedicated supporters, day after day. Today, she will begin easing into a new phase of her life: retirement. Many of our sponsors and donors will know Ruth as the voice they first hear when giving ChildFund a ring. Her candid approach makes everyone feel as if they’re speaking with a trusted friend. And, a friend she truly is.

Yesterday, a long-time supporter dropped in to say farewell to Ruth, flowers in hand. Despite only having spoken a handful of times, her incredible impact was felt by Walter Johnston and his wife.

It was great to see long-time ChildFund supporter, Walter Johnston, when he dropped in to wish our colleague Ruth a...
Posted by ChildFund New Zealand on Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The aroha continued on, as Ruth was presented with a video, created by ChildFund Zambia. 

With a smile on her face, and a tear in her eye, Ruth watched as the video presentation was shown to everyone in our office. The video begins with a several-minute long update on what is happening in Luangwa, one of the communities where we have sponsored children.

However, five minutes into the video, Ruth was surprised as the true purpose of the heartwarming video began to unfold. Several interviews with project leaders, community members, and even Chief Mphuka, (known respectfully as ‘His Royal Highness’) outlined the incredible impact Ruth has made on the lives of children, youth and their families in Zambia.

The video ends with a triumphant and congratulatory farewell song, performed by schoolchildren, chanting “Bye-Bye, Ruthie!”

Ruth leaves ChildFund with the following message:

My Dear Friends,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful message and song.  I’m honoured to have worked with the wonderful people at ChildFund New Zealand.  It is amazing when we see the fruits of all our labours come to fruition.
Blessings to you all
Ruth Coffey

Please enjoy the video below and feel free to let Ruth know how you feel by commenting on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/childfundnewzealand

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