Recently we gave you a look inside the Child Wellbeing Committee in Batticaloa responsible for identifying the people who need the loans the most within their community. Now we’re showcasing some of the beneficiaries of the loan scheme, who are busy establishing a bustling little economy in Batticaloa. Thanks to the generous support of Kiwis across New Zealand these people are able to bring their children and families out of poverty.Take a look! Note: (15,000 rupees is about $150).

Thavamalar received LKR 15000 as Loan from ChildFund Batticaloa, and in order to increase the poultry rearing activity she purchased eight chicks. As her beneficiary contribution she constructed the poultry shed.Pathmavathy received LKR 15000 and is involved in Goat Rearing. She purchased two goats from the loan at Paruththichenai.

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Manikala feeding the cow she purchased from with the loan of LKR 20,000.00 at Paruththichenai.Jeevanajagam from Paruthichchenai received LKR 15000 and purchased raw materials to enhance his carpentry business.Jeganthiny received a loan amount of LKR 20,000 from ChildFund, and is involved in home gardening activities at Karaveddy.Annaluxmy received LKR 25,000 and purchased materials for the shop she runs in the Karaveddy Area.A beneficiary with the support of her husband makes clay bricks in the Kanchirankudha area.A beneficiary involved in the home gardening activity who planted vegetables such as ladies fingers, chili, Manioc, and Brinjal at her land in Karaveddy.A Small Loans Group leader gives the receipt as evidence for the repayment. Once settled, the recovered money is logged with the Treasurer from the Community Board of Karaveddy.Mandapathady Community Board provided boiled gram (Nutritious food) for pre-school kids with the money from interest paid on loans.A Veterinary doctor from the Department of Animal Husbandry conducts cattle rearing training for the beneficiaries in Mandapathady.Local business women from Kurinchamunai conduct mentoring for the beneficiaries, and share their business ideas and other techniques for success.A mentoring workshop for the beneficiaries at Paruththichchenai.Eachchantheevu Community Board provided shoes for two vulnerable children attending school from the 0.3% interest of the loans.Fishing at Eachchantheevu.Supathevi received LKR 20000 and started a tailoring business in Eachchnatheevu.Chndrasegaram received LKR 15000 loan from Kothiyapula Community Board and is involved in paddy cultivation.Activity Leaders attend a Proposal review orientation in Thandiyadi.

You can help more people like these provide for their families through micro-loans by donating to the Sri Lanka Appeal. Or, give us a call on 0800 808 822.  We’d love to hear from you.


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