12 May 2019

We aim to thrive

Your support is giving community members the chance to have a better life, and for their children to thrive.

By: Paul Brown, CEO ChildFund New Zealand

Disruption, change, innovation... these are concepts that resonate within all sectors of society. While they may be ‘themes of the moment,’ they have essentially always been core to our way of working, helping us continue to achieve impact in the communities where we work. Our key purpose is to help children thrive, and we achieve this through continuous innovation.

Thanks to your support, we are enabling children in the communities where we work to thrive by supporting improved access to health care, water and sanitation, and education, and also by supporting families and creating safer neighbourhoods.

We have recently published our 2018 Annual Report issue of Thrive magazine. Inside, you’ll learn about how your donations are being used to achieve maximum impact, our approach to community development, and our expanding Pacific programme. In future issues, you’ll learn more about the transformative ways your support is helping children around the world to thrive.

We are grateful for your ongoing commitment to the children and families we support, and look forward to the incredible opportunity we have to partner on future projects and initiatives.

We know that lasting change takes time. That’s why we are so excited to celebrate these milestones and to watch as our work continues to benefit children - for good.


Read the 2018 Annual Report issue of Thrive here: www.childfund.org.nz/thrive

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