08 June 2019

What happens when the school feeding program isn’t enough?

How your Gifts that Grow donations are helping improve child nutrition

It should come as no surprise that when children are hungry, it’s difficult for them to pay attention in school. To address this, ChildFund has introduced school feeding programmes in many communities. For many children, however, this meal has become the only meal of the day, which means children aren’t getting the proper nutrients they need to grow up healthy and strong.

One way we are working to improve nutrition for children in ChildFund communities is through items from our gift catalogue, Gifts that Grow.

Pak, 13, received chickens from ChildFund’s gift catalogue. In the past, Pak and his family didn’t have enough food for the family to eat. “My grandfather only made 300 Thai Baht (Approx. NZ $14) per day, which we had to use for medicine to care for my sick grandma,” Pak explained.

Since receiving chickens, Pak now eats three meals per day. “I raise the chickens by providing them feed and water,” says Pak. “I collect up to 10 eggs per day, which we cook for food. When the chickens have many eggs, I sell to my neighbours.”

The extra funds he receives from selling the eggs are used for family expenses, and will be used towards Pak’s future career as an entrepreneur.

In three years, Pak will begin ChildFund’s Youth Business Leadership programme, where he will learn valuable skills to be used in his own future business.

Thanks to supporters like you, children all around the world receive the life-changing benefits of receiving an item from ChildFund New Zealand’s Gifts that Grow catalogue.

Choose a gift today and help a child thrive!

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