While Nandani believes passionately in creating a better world for children, being a mum gives her job at ChildFund special meaning.

Nandani and daughter Shivangi

By Nandani Dayal, Finance Analyst

ChildFund New Zealand 21 years! hip! hip! hooray!!

Congratulations are in order for the 21st celebrations. It is just the greatest feeling to be part of such a great team. When I started at ChildFund New Zealand in 2006 my life changed for the better both professionally and personally.

Working for ChildFund has been the best experience in my life because it not just a job but the satisfaction that the work we do is helping the needy children of the world. Even though it is just a drop in the ocean little drops make an ocean, as an Indian proverb says, “Tiny tiny drops of water will fill the earthenware jar.”

Our children are our future and it is our responsibility to nurture them and help them reach their full potential. My daughter will be two years in July and I know motherhood is the best experience of life. I would not trade it for anything, ever. All mothers are the same anywhere in the world and despite their circumstances in life they all want the best for their children.

Here at ChildFund we help make the difference. But the real people that need to be congratulated are our sponsors who have been there for us for the last 21 years. We would not be here if friendly and caring New Zealanders were not supporting us all the way.

Below is a beautiful poem by Dorothy Roigt on Children’s Rights which was printed on a 2002 calendar and displayed in the United Nations Building in New York.

There shall be peace on earth, but not until
All children daily eat their fill,
Go warmly clad against the winter wind
And learn their lessons with a tranquil mind.
And then, released from hunger, fear and need
Regardless of their colour, race or creed
Look upward smiling to their skies,
Their faith in life reflected in their eyes.

So to all our sponsors well done and for any prospective sponsors why don’t you help us make a difference and sponsor a child today!

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