Kiribati is an island in the Pacific, ChildFund Kiribati was established there in 2016. Today, we're pleased to announce that work on our new project in Kiribati has begun. The ChildFund team are there now, ready to get to started. 

ChildFund in Kiribati

The ChildFund team hit the streets of Temakin in Betio, Kiribati, today to interview around 400 households. The 5-day survey commences a four-year Positive Places to Live project, supported by the New Zealand Aid Programme. 

The project will address family nutrition, hygiene, water and sanitation, parenting, household planning and community planning. 

ChildFund will also be establishing a Youth Learning Programme and Centre. 

The Positive Places to Live project will work with Councils and the Kiribati Local Government Association to ensure lessons from the project can produce the biggest impact possible for this small 33-island nation. We'll update you with project progress throughout our time in Kiribati. 

Kiribati project update

Our Kiribati team have finished interviewing 390 households. On average, there are 8 people per household. This means we'll be supporting 3,120 i-Kiribati (people from Kiribati) through the project. 

A snapshot of some of our findings:

  •  The average household income is $50-150 a week. With an average household consisting of 8 people, this amount isn't enough to support everyone and people are struggling.
  • Nearly all households have at least one person living there, and nearly half of the total youth are being unproductive. 
  • There's good knowledge around water, sanitation, and hygiene. This results in good attitudes and practice towards these areas.

We've got some good information to begin working with. From this, we'll be able to determine which projects will benefit the community the most. 

Positive Places to Live Project begins in Kiribati

ChildFund launches it's new project in Kiribati: Positive Places to Live, supported by the New Zealand Aid Programme. 

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