Boreholes in Kenya, irrigation in Vietnam and school toilets in Timor-Leste are some of the ways clean water is changing the lives of others.

Boreholes in Kenya

Your support for our Building Resilience project means communities in Emali now have two fresh boreholes and three water pans to help them withstand drought. The Maasai need water for their livestock and pasture, while Kamba farmers use the water for irrigation.

Irrigation in Vietnam

Thanks to the nine irrigation channels you are helping to construct in rural Cao Bang 1,700 families will benefit from higher crop yields, increased income, food security and lower rates of infant malnutrition.

School toilets in Timor-Leste

Not so long ago Elsa and her friends collected water from a well located 100m from their school to flush their toilets. Now it is piped directly into the new school toilets.

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