Thanks to your help, women are being able to set up and run their own businesses to support their families.

Creating business women in Vietnam

In rural communities like Cao Bang women are an untapped resource for their families and their communities.

Thanks to your support, six community savings groups provided small loans to169 women and youth, as well as savings and loans training to 528 women and youth. Through these loans women can establish small businesses to improve their families’ income and stability, and in the long term, help build stronger and more resilient communities.

A new grocery shop for a Mum in Sri Lanka

Five year old Vije dreams of becoming a doctor. Maybe now, he’ll realise that dream.

His mum, Valli, is part of a ChildFund microloan scheme that’s improving the income of thousands of families like his. Valli has used her loan to begin rearing goats and plans to open a grocery shop after she finishes the first round of her loan.

“The loan has improved my life and my son’s. If they put in enough effort all those who take the loan can definitely succeed.”  Valli.

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