When tragedy strikes it's heartening to know there are Kiwis willing to help.

The world looked on in horror as the people of Nepal had their lives turned upside down by not one, but three major earthquakes last April and May. One third of the country was affected. In some areas, 95% of all homes were destroyed. Tens of thousands of people were left homeless, traumatised and at risk of disease and infection.

But thankfully you and thousands of others gave generously to help stricken families in Pangretar and Tauthali, two of the worst hit areas, by:


• Distributing 3,602 food packs

• Building 16 temporary classrooms in damaged schools

• Enabling 649 children to continue their schooling

• Providing 145 dignity kits to girls

• Providing school equipment to 32 classrooms

• Training 43 teachers in Emergency Response

• Training 37 village leaders in Child Protection

• Enabling the provision of counselling services for children.

 Thank you so much for the help you have generously given!

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